Mentoring & Dynamic Narratives

καλό Σάββατο (Happy Saturday)! The #2017HYP Spring Conference, Greek Legacies: Dynamic Narratives in Film & Performance Arts, is officially a week away! Sound, screens, lights… the Alfred Lerner Cinema awaits.  In preparation, we invite you to take a step back and consider what it is that we do here and what our “final product” is: Confidence. From […]

Are you a Startup or an Upstart?

Many of us are currently honoring a time of annual reflection. Looking forward, we are preparing to celebrate our heritage and legacy to current and future generations. Looking back, we appreciate the things the call to action that inspired us to pursue our current interests, however small they might seem. Years ago, in pigtails and […]

Cultivating Roots: Graduate Thesis by Nikolaos Markakis

Philo4Thought is very honored to present this special summer feature article, the May 2016 Graduate Thesis of our remarkable Hellenic Young Professional, Nikolaos Markakis! Please click the link below to view the full article: Cultivating Roots: A Tensional-Hybrid Investigation of Embodied Resources through Traditional Cretan Folkloric & Contemporary Dance Practices About the author: click here.

#BeingGreek101: Cherishing Our Independence

XRONIA POLLA! Happy Independence Day! As many of you know, Greek Independence Day is March 25th. All the local cultural, professional, student, and philanthropic organizations have been scrambling for weeks to plan out the best possible parade and a myriad of educational and social activities to celebrate our freedom and our identity. Activities will begin […]

A quick note on VALUE

Chasing that Job Opportunity? Stop. Now. I know, you’re possibly thinking, “Wait, WHAT? But I NEED a job! I have loans, I have rent, I have…” and listing all the other reasons why you *NEED* a job. Now. But think of it this way. You walk into a networking event and LOOK like the person […]

Καλά Χριστούγεννα!

#ΚαλάΧριστούγεννα! Wishing our readers, sponsors and friends a wonderful #Christmas and a prosperous #NewYear! #καλένδα:

Giving Thanks: A Tradition

Dear Readers, Sponsors and Friends, Happy Thanksgiving! Kicking off the holiday season with a review of the year’s blessings: Good faith, spirit, educational and professional opportunities… and parea — that’s you, the greatest blessing. We are thankful for the richness you add to our lives, our community programs, and to the world. Our hearts are one […]

Fall Book Review!

In a magical land oceans away from the din of our bustling iPhone-laden city lived a cluster of heroes and gods whose tragicomical tales and great deeds were immortalized by Homer… then Shakespeare… and now Botziou. “In the beginning there was only Chaos; Greek Chaos….” From this solitary line springs forth the epic legends as told with the unique combination of love […]

Honoring A Hellenic Legend: Nikos Kazantzakis

 Nikos Kazantzakis (1883-1957) Today is the birthday of a very famous Cretan author and Philosopher, Nikos Kazantzakis! Most people know Kazantzakis best for his book, Zorba the Greek. I love this work because it is basically about the mentors we encounter in life, and about maintaining a positive outlook for ourselves and others, regardless of our […]

Unity & Action: Celebrating an American Legend

Today is Martin Luther King Jr. Day, a holiday that reminds us to embrace a life of service, solidarity and equality for all. Dr. King, who is celebrated as a heroic American leader, reminds us to fight our challenges with hope and to greet hatred with love. . Whatever you do, you must do it […]

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