Dress for the Life You Choose

The Job You Want

It’s important to look your best to make a lasting and positive impression on others, but must we spend a fortune to do so? A few years ago I worked with a young professional who was about to graduate from a very prestigious MBA program. He had just gotten married to a very stylish young […]

Look Before You Leap: An HR Manager’s Take on Workplace Romance


Thinking about (or up to your eyebrows in) a workplace romance? As you know, we are always rooting for you, dear readers, and looking out for your best interest.  This month’s focus has been about maintaining healthy professional and personal lifestyles, which led to a conversation about workplace romances. With that in mind, here are a few basic […]

Snow Day Truths from HR Hiring Managers: Resume Red Flags

HR Red Flags

Happy Snow Day to all you job hunters out there!  While you’re trapped indoors, take a sec to think about revamping your professional profiles.  Several HR Managers shared 12 red flags they’ve seen on many millennial profiles, resumes and job applications: A resume looks trendy and “expressive” but is too cluttered and hard to read through: A resume should be easy to […]

Eyes on the Prize: The Sabermetrics of a Successful Startup


Many of us were struck with awe in 2001 as a seemingly rogue GM, Billy Beane, set the world of baseball on its ear by assessing talent through the use of an analytic lens now referred to as sabermetrics. Assessing the limited financial budget (approximately 1/3 of most teams at the time) and human resources […]

On Burnout


This morning I recieved an unfortunate notice that a young person (19) collapsed suddenly of a stroke that was due strictly to stress-related issues at school/work/home. Shocking? Not really, considering what students and young professionals today are expected to do to be successful. I have to say that I greatly admire students today. There’s a […]

Ways CEOs use their Professional #LinkedIn/#Facebook

There are a variety of ways to use #SocialMedia to help cultivate a useful and effective #network. Here are a few tips for those in leadership positions: INTERNAL: (1) #Connect with your team to accelerate your business. Start a group to pose common questions and make new connections with colleagues and affiliates. (2) Ask your team […]

What to do in a Neglectful Workplace

  Today’s topic is heavier than our standard fare, but it’s an important message worth conveying. Please read and pass along…. I was at a neighborhood hotspot watching yesterday’s game – Algeria v. Korea – when a young lady walked in wearing a hospital bracelet saying she had just gotten off work. “I need a beer. Who’s playing?” […]

More Eye Contact, Less iContact

A few days ago a picture posted on Facebook: “No, we don’t have WiFi. Talk to each other!” I smiled, since it popped up while I was composing an article on engaging one’s audience in the age of the mobile device. Dedicating this piece to the coffee shop proprietor who was human enough to display […]

Engaging Your Audience in the Age of the Mobile Device…

Have you ever presented at a meeting where no one makes eye contact? Everyone looks up for the preliminary introductions, you may shake hands with a few people, but after that your presentation begins and each person is suddenly lost to their significant (technical) other — the smartphone/tablet in their hands. “Perhaps,” you may think, “it’s […]

Suggested Reading: “Five best tips for women starting their careers”

Several questions and concerns come to mind, including the tools we need to start a career. Check out the advice Shama Kabani (CEO, The Marketing Zen Group) offers (Forbes Magazine, 06/06/13): http://www.forbes.com/sites/yec/2013/06/06/five-best-tips-for-women-starting-their-careers/?ss=forbeswomanssforbeswoman?ss=forbeswomanssforbeswoman Comments? Advice to add? Please feel free to post below and share with our readers!

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