On Burnout

This morning I recieved an unfortunate notice that a young person (19) collapsed suddenly of a stroke that was due strictly to stress-related issues at school/work/home. Shocking? Not really, considering what students and young professionals today are expected to do to be successful. I have to say that I greatly admire students today. There’s a […]

“Claiming your 20s”

Meg Jay gives a moving talk of the psychological aspect of work-life balance, of relationships (conceptual and social), and other important points that define who we are and affect the personal and professional decisions we make. Listen to this short video clip: http://www.ted.com/talks/meg_jay_why_30_is_not_the_new_20.html?utm_source=facebook&source=facebook&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=ios-share While the majority of Meg’s talk is couched in the context of dating […]

Don’t be afraid to smile or laugh!

I’ve always noticed that those who allow themselves to smile and laugh freely tend to look and feel healthier than those who don’t. A few years ago I remember that there was scientific study that backed this theory. The gist of the article was that smiling and laughter promoted a healthy heart. Great! Don Peppers (https://www.linkedin.com/today/post/article/20130528214401-17102372-make-your-customers-laugh-once-in-a-while?trk=mp-details-rr-rmpost) […]

“Emotional Vampires” by Joyce Howell!

The people who you allow into your life should generally be a positive influence to you, as you should be to them. If you find yourself feeling consistently confused, counterproductive, undermined and devalued by a person, you should take measures to protect yourself from letting them influence you. If you’ve had the experience of working […]

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