Mentoring & Dynamic Narratives

καλό Σάββατο (Happy Saturday)! The #2017HYP Spring Conference, Greek Legacies: Dynamic Narratives in Film & Performance Arts, is officially a week away! Sound, screens, lights… the Alfred Lerner Cinema awaits.  In preparation, we invite you to take a step back and consider what it is that we do here and what our “final product” is: Confidence. From […]

Dress for the Life You Choose

It’s important to look your best to make a lasting and positive impression on others, but must we spend a fortune to do so? A few years ago I worked with a young professional who was about to graduate from a very prestigious MBA program. He had just gotten married to a very stylish young […]

Are you a Startup or an Upstart?

Many of us are currently honoring a time of annual reflection. Looking forward, we are preparing to celebrate our heritage and legacy to current and future generations. Looking back, we appreciate the things the call to action that inspired us to pursue our current interests, however small they might seem. Years ago, in pigtails and […]

Look Before You Leap: An HR Manager’s Take on Workplace Romance

Thinking about (or up to your eyebrows in) a workplace romance? As you know, we are always rooting for you, dear readers, and looking out for your best interest.  This month’s focus has been about maintaining healthy professional and personal lifestyles, which led to a conversation about workplace romances. With that in mind, here are a few basic […]

Snow Day Truths from HR Hiring Managers: Resume Red Flags

Happy Snow Day to all you job hunters out there!  While you’re trapped indoors, take a sec to think about revamping your professional profiles.  Several HR Managers shared 12 red flags they’ve seen on many millennial profiles, resumes and job applications: A resume looks trendy and “expressive” but is too cluttered and hard to read through: A resume should be easy to […]

Cultivating Roots: Graduate Thesis by Nikolaos Markakis

Philo4Thought is very honored to present this special summer feature article, the May 2016 Graduate Thesis of our remarkable Hellenic Young Professional, Nikolaos Markakis! Please click the link below to view the full article: Cultivating Roots: A Tensional-Hybrid Investigation of Embodied Resources through Traditional Cretan Folkloric & Contemporary Dance Practices About the author: click here.

Transition & Identity

College students face many personal and professional challenges, and each one ushers in a new phase in the development of one’s personal, cultural and professional identity. Want to be a Fabulous Freshman? Clich the following link to read this month’s advisory article by our HYTeenBeat author Anthony Michaelides: Transition & Identity

Celebrity Interview Project: 100 Giving Stars

Theoharis Dimarhos, Founder of the Blue Schools initiative of 2012, is starting a podcast called 100 Giving Stars. The goal is to get well known stars from TV, sports, cinema, politics, etc. to talk about the causes they love and to share the personal stories that inspired them. “I always love talking to people about […]

Success Under Pressure

Happy New Year Everyone! My mom always says “practice makes perfect” and that we have the power to make our dreams real. She’s always going on about being strong and confident. Don’t tell her I said so, but today I found out she was right while I was drawing for an evaluative high school audition. During the Fine Arts […]

HYTeenBeat: About the Author

P4T’s PEER MENTORING INITIATIVE Introducing a new blog segment specifically for Hellenic Youth, featuring our very talented #HYTeenBeat author ZOE   Hello Everybody, I’m Zoë, your #HYTeenBeat writer, bringing you great month-to-month updates about Middle/High School from an insider’s perspective. My first post will appear on Philo4Thought’s Founder’s Day, which is this Friday, 10/10/14, right after school. […]

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