2017HYP Honorees


Philo4Thought and the State of New York are honoring the following Hellenic Students, Scholars, Young Professionals, and Senior Mentors: HELLENIC YOUTH TEEN BEAT CERTIFICATE OF PARTICIPATION (TBD from the Class of 2017) HELLENIC YOUNG PROFESSIONAL STUDENTS & SCHOLARS CERTIFICATE OF EXCELLENCE Polyxeni C. Klouvas, St. John’s University John Metekidis, New York University Perry G. Rizopoulos, […]

Transition & Identity

College just ahead

College students face many personal and professional challenges, and each one ushers in a new phase in the development of one’s personal, cultural and professional identity. Want to be a Fabulous Freshman? Clich the following link to read this month’s advisory article by our HYTeenBeat author Anthony Michaelides: Transition & Identity

About the Author: Anthony Michaelides


Philo4Thought welcomes our newest HYTeenBeat and #BeingGreek101 Advisory Author, Anthony Michaelides! We had the pleasure to recruit our new young author after reading one of his inspirational entries on LinkedIn. Upon further inquiry of his interests and experience, we found Anthony to be a wonderful young man with the determination, strength, and wisdom to inspire our […]

Success Under Pressure


Happy New Year Everyone! My mom always says “practice makes perfect” and that we have the power to make our dreams real. She’s always going on about being strong and confident. Don’t tell her I said so, but today I found out she was right while I was drawing for an evaluative high school audition. During the Fine Arts […]

Blogger’s Review: A Day at the Fair…


How do we go about choosing schools? It’s a tricky process involving parents, school advisors, perhaps siblings or friends, and… a huge group of complete strangers! Wait… is that right?  c  It’s pretty important to know where you’re going in life and to know who to trust when making big decisions. Here’s an honest review of my own […]

HYTeenBeat: About the Author


P4T’s PEER MENTORING INITIATIVE Introducing a new blog segment specifically for Hellenic Youth, featuring our very talented #HYTeenBeat author ZOE   Hello Everybody, I’m Zoë, your #HYTeenBeat writer, bringing you great month-to-month updates about Middle/High School from an insider’s perspective. My first post will appear on Philo4Thought’s Founder’s Day, which is this Friday, 10/10/14, right after school. […]

NEW! #HYTeenBeat

As part of our programs to serve the community of #HellenicYoungProfessionals (#HYP), we are starting a page for #HellenicYouth called #HYTeenBeat. We hope you will sign up to receive the monthly posts from Zoe, Philo4Thought’s resident Teen Beat writer. If you would like to write for HY TeenBeat, please email Philo4Thought@yahoo.com. For now, we hope you will make use of our […]

Fostering Entrepreneurial Spirit

On my way to church this morning I spotted a couple of industrious young ladies (ages 7 and 9) setting up shop outside their Park Slope brownstone. They were setting up a table and fussing over where to set out different crates, how to arrange them, and so on. They were bossing their Papou and […]

Networking Event: World Science Festival

NYC Is gearing up for the The World Science Festival! This is a fun networking opportunity for anyone who loves the sciences. For more information about this event, ticket sales, etc. please visit their website: http://www.worldsciencefestival.com/ Enjoy!

“Can a Mentorship Program for High-School Seniors Raise College Enrollment?”

“Can a Mentorship Program for High-School Seniors Raise College Enrollment?” The Chronicle of Higher Education, May 14, 2013 http://chronicle.com/blogs/headcount/can-a-mentorship-program-for-high-school-seniors-boost-college-enrollment/34969?cid=pm&utm_source=pm&utm_medium=en

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