Establishing Yourself Financially

MARCH 20th 2017 MENTORING MONDAY Guest Speaker: Karen Kalkines, Empire Wealth Strategies @ Holy Trinity Cathedral, NYC 
 Take Control of Your Financial Future! Join us to discuss the ways in which you can establish and build financial stability in your personal and professional life. Online preregistration required. Please click the link below. ABOUT OUR […]


Site updates for our 2015 list of mentors is coming soon. Please be patient as we revamp our webpage. The new listing will be available on September 15th.

5 Reasons Why Being A Mentor Is Important For Career & Personal Development

#BeTheChangeYouWishToSee… become a #Mentor and improve the lives of others. Some need direct guidance and some just need a good-hearted person to listen to their thought process and provide passive support. Join one of the many valuable Mentoring programs in our community: #CypriotChamber #GreekAmericanChamber, #NHSA, #IHS, #Philo4Thought.

“Turn Down For What?” A Call for Mentors

Try and find one word to describe what it is to be an instructor and mentor to a young person, to bare witness to that moment when you see the things you’ve taught them lead them to something great, when a small introduction lands then a big opportunity, when they soar beyond what you’ve taught […]


Every year around this time I have a discussion with my students about what they’ve learned in my class and why I chose such a “bootcamp” approach to teaching. I keep a little check list of skills and content with which they should be armed before they matriculate to the next level of their training […]

Entrepreneurial Methods and Success Stories

Nick Ruiz, Entrepreneurship & Success Coach based in Wisconsin, “offers FREE video interviews where I pick successful entrepreneurs’ brains on how they did it.” Sign up for the newsletter ( or find Nick on Twitter @nrbiz!

NOTES: Technology & Education

If you’re an educator, educational administrator, or a software developer for educational programs, you may find the following article helpful: Educator’s Checklist of Great Websites for Teaching Tips – from EdTechReview Comments or questions? Please post them below for discussion!

Serving with Confidence

Confidence is the key to success. Often times we are discouraged by a setback of some sort, but consider that each setback is actually a life lesson and use it to build the confidence you need to engage in a new endeavor. When confidence wanes, it’s important to stop what you are doing completely and […]

College Grads are Encouraged to “Find a Mentor”!

Spencer Rascoff (CEO, ZIllow) offers a few friendly words of advice to the Class of 2013:

For Mentors

Are you in charge of mentoring/training for your organization? If so, we’ve spotted a few helpful articles under Management Mentors ( Management Mentors offers some great resources for those who are preparing to set up a mentoring program within their organization. Another great resource is Rapid Instructional Design by George Piskurich (, which is what […]

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