Concierge Mentoring Services

Philo4Thought offers monthly advisory events and one-on-one concierge mentoring services.

Options for Career Coaching & Instruction

OPTION 1: Mentoring Monday (MM) is a monthly virtual advisory Zoom sessions set up to provide answers to very basic/general career questions at very low cost to the public. (See rates for students, Passport Members in good standing and non-members). You can opt to click the chat box at the bottom of your screen or join our  a Zoom tutorial. 

OPTION 2: Pop-Up Boutique Training Sessions are coordinated with local student and HYP groups or larger regional and national organizations upon request.

OPTION 3: Private SNAP Mentor-Matching Services and Concierge Mentoring Sessions (CMS) are more focused instruction and coaching available to (1) those requiring immediate assistance or (2) those who are not comfortable sharing their questions in the small group settings described above. This service is available for a standard rate of $75 hourly per person; $40 hourly student rate; 1 FREE hour per Passport Member and 50% off standard rate for any additional hours). Email to schedule an appointment.

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