Elene Mironidis


JUN. 2020

Philo4Thought Hellenic Professional Mentoring Initiative is pleased to present this month's featured Hellenic Young Professional! The goal of our publications is to provide positive, successful role models who will inspire the next generation of young professionals. Preliminary criteria for YPM candidates is that they are actively engaged in an entrepreneurial initiative or have made a successful career for themselves, thereby serving as strong role models to the next generation of young professionals. Candidates are typically of Hellenic origin and part of a humanitarian (educational, sociological, scientific, etc.) or environmentally-conscious field. Given the gradual expansion of our readership, we currently interview candidates who embrace a specific Hellenic philosophy best described in a word: Philotimo (φιλότιμο). The most important qualifications all our candidates share are the spirit and compassion to persevere, and the heart to share their knowledge and experience with others.

Elene Mironidis, ABAT, is a first-generation Greek- and Italian-American based in the Greater Philadelphia Area. She is a recent graduate of the Human Development and Family Studies program at Penn State University. Her vocational career path allows her to focus on helping those around her. For Elene, the journey began with a calling to serve as a counselor at Camp Good Shepherd and gained momentum as she began teaching and, most recently, earned her certification in Applied Behavioral Analysis Therapy (ABAT). "As of now, I have been coaching individuals who wish to develop their emotional intelligence both in their personal lives and business relationships in my program Love of Her Light."

In her free time, Elene enjoys writing poetry, dancing, and learning how to cook authentic Greek dishes.

Join the Conversation! In light of the current COVID-19 global health crisis, Elene is working closely with Philo4Thought and several other organizations on a new series of advisory videos and podcasts designed to empower today's young professionals. We commend her and all those participating in this initiative for making this virtual instruction possible. Click here to learn more.

CREDIT & RECOGNITION: Many thanks to Elene Mironidis for sharing this story with us!

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