Dressing the Part: Interview Attire

Back by popular demand are our three most viewed articles from our original blog.

Despite changing fashion trends and informal workspaces that are popularly sought out by today's young professionals, we've spoken with several Hiring Managers across North America and in many European countries and the verdict is out: Administrators still prefer prospective employees to come to their interviews in traditional attire.

When meeting someone for the first time, it's so important to make a positive first impression that will get you the job you want. While it's nice to let your personality shine through in an interview, Hiring Managers expect you to do this by using your words, positive body language, and tidy, organized appearance. While a slightly decorative tie or scarf might be a nice touch, donning gaudy oversized accessories, tops/bottoms with ambitious hemlines and blindingly bright colors or patterns are reportedly major turnoffs to most Hiring Managers. It's important to dress for the job and respect you want, not for a pop rock video. (Blog Post Link: Dress for the life you choose.)

The "Golden Mean" of Interview Attire: Some jobs do require slightly different attire than others, so it's always best to research a new prospective workplace to get a sense of the office culture. In general, it's best to err on the side of a more conservative look if you're heading to a prospective employer for the first time, especially if you're applying for an executive position.

If you're not overly conservative, follow Aristotle's example and find a good median between the extreme liberal and conservative. Still stumped? We have fabulous fashion consultants for men and women on our team. Please email us for details: p4tinfo@gmail.com.

For details on the colors and styles that are generally appropriate for an executive job interview, click on the buttons below. 

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