Our Mission

Philo4Thought Inc. is a 501(c)3 philanthropic educational nonprofit foundation....

With Deep Roots in a personal journey that manifested itself in the establishment of a foundation designed to provide career empowerment for young professionals.

We are Dedicated to providing assistive support through an array of mentoring services, publications and collaborative events geared towards young professional education and empowerment.

Our Mission is to help today’s young professionals achieve the next level of success in work and in life. We do this by offering collaborative publications, advisory workshops and networking opportunities with peer mentors and seasoned professionals. We are also committed to supporting local and global affiliates who share our goal to provide valuable  developmental resources/ services to college students, new grads and transitioning young professionals/ entrepreneurs.

Established in 2009, the Philo4Thought Hellenic Mentoring Initiative was a local project initiated as a coffee-side chat to inspire college students in New York City through a series of small-group networking/ mentoring activities. As we gained momentum we launched an advisory blog of inspirational and instructional articles. Today we also offer a wider range of publications, workshops/ seminars and an annual conference.

What makes us a "Hellenic Mentoring Initiative"? Today, while our primary audience remains the Hellenic Young Professional (HYP) based in the tristate area, we have expanded to help affiliate minority youth groups throughout North America and Europe. The basis of our teachings is Hellenic in nature and spirit, and our  open door policy helps us provide an inclusive, high-quality community service for all those in need.

2019 marked our 10th year of community outreach and charitable service. To date, we have helped over 350,000 individuals through online and print publications, monthly and annual events, and related charitable work. We continue to collaborate with local, regional, national and global organizations to seek and create quality opportunities for today's young professional.

In the face of the 2020 COVID-19 global pandemic, we remain strong and at your service, offering online training, publications and advisory services to the community in collaboration with our many esteemed sponsors and strategic partners.

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