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Philo4Thought invites you and those in your network to make a charitable donation towards the continuation of our programming, publications and initiatives. As a philanthropic educational nonprofit all charitable contributions made are tax deductible to the fullest extent of the law. Every contribution makes a difference!

We hope to raise $10,000 through our annual crowdfunding campaign. As much as possible, we also apply for grants, matched funding opportunities and event endorsements to support specific initiatives.


Philo4Thought Hellenic Mentoring Initiative is a 501(c)3 philanthropic educational nonprofit foundation dedicated to helping students and young professionals build the skills they need to succeed in work and in life. 2019 marked our 10th year of community outreach and charitable service.

To date, we have helped over 350,000 individuals through online and print publications, monthly and annual events, and related charitable work. We continue to collaborate with local, regional, national and global organizations to seek and create quality opportunities for today's young professional.

In 2018, we established the Career Mission @ Cathedral (formerly our "Mentoring Monday" workshop), hosted once a month at the Archdiocesan Cathedral of the Holy Trinity in NYC. CMC is a monthly discussion group that operates as a "safe space" to discuss professional and academic questions, review resumes, etc. in a small-group setting. These events are open to the public and cater to youth ~17 and older. For more information about our upcoming CMC group meetings, visit our Events Page or email

Your financial sponsorship helps us meet the following goals: 

  1. research and identify quality Opportunities and Resources for academic and professional advancement;

  2. procure speakers and resources for our annual Spring Symposium and other Events

  3. continue and expand our Internship Program;

  4. conduct broad outreach to identify and recruit Peer Mentors and Young Professional Honorees with records of  outstanding philanthropic achievement, working with local state representatives to prepare certificates of merit recognizing their contributions;

  5. conduct broad outreach to identify and recruit recipients of our annual College-Bound Young Scholars stipend for high-performing underprivileged young people who overcame serious obstacles to maintain top grades and pursue highly competitive professional and academic opportunities -- with a special certificate of merit offered by the NYS Attorney General to honor their outstanding achievements;

  6. prepare and improve Seminars, Publications, Advocacy Services and related outreach;

  7. prepare and improve free online programming for our global readership. 

Your financial support can make our collaborative vision for the educational advancement possible for innovative young professionals in our global Hellenic community now and for many generations to come.

We are also available to visit specific groups and schools to train small groups in a variety of professional development topics for an exceptionally lower rate than other professional coaches and advisory firms. Our team consists of top-notch professionals and peer mentors who address your needs. We are here for you.  


We are proud to collaboratively award a foundation grant to College-Bound Young Scholars and to  recommend to the Attorney General's Office as recipients for the New York State Triple C Award. This award is given to high-performing students who have overcome substantial financial and medical hardship to achieve the top marks in school and pursue competitive academic and professional opportunities. Awards and scholarship checks are presented at our annual Spring Symposium.

We sincerely thank the Christou, ConstantineDiGiacomoOuranitsas, Rizopoulos Sabbagh, and Velivasakis families as well as all our long-standing annual sponsors for making this new award possible.





  • Major Endorsements ($5,000+): Special Strategic Partnership status on print and online publications for 12 months including our year-end Symposium.

  • Diamond Sponsors ($3,000+): 12-month online logo-and-link in banners and newsletters and web marquee; special mention in monthly seminars and annual Symposium.

  • Platinum Sponsors ($1,500): 12-month online logo-and-link in banners and newsletters and web marquee; special mention in annual Symposium.

  • Gold Sponsors ($600): 12-month logo-and-link in newsletters and web marquee; special mention in annual Symposium.

  • Silver Sponsors ($300): 12-month logo-and-link in web marquee; special mention in annual Symposium.

  • Bronze Sponsors ($200): 6-month logo-and-link  in web marquee; special mention in annual Symposium.

  • VIP Passport Membership ($150): 50% off annual conference, 1 Resume Review and Mentor Match. Commemorative, limited-edition VIP Pin. 

  • HYP Passport Membership ($100): 50% off annual conference, 1 Resume Review and Mentor Match. 

  • Student Passport Membership ($75): 50% off annual conference, 1 Resume Review and Mentor Match.

  • Sunshine Sponsors ($40): An online shout-out.

NOTE TO SPONSORS: For 2020-2021, in lieu of the standard print brochure, Philo4Thought has made accommodations to prepare and distribute an annual online spring brochure on Issu, which is distributed to our international network. New sponsors will be announced in our monthly newsletter in recognition for their understanding during the global pivot.


We thank all our new and long-term sponsors and our amazing Strategic Partners, for their understanding and support. We wish you and your teams a safe return to work.

To pay a Membership/Sponsorship by check, please mail to

Philo4Thought Hellenic Mentoring Initiative
Northwest Corner Building

550 West 120th Street, Mail Code 4832
New York, NY 10027

To pay for your membership/sponsorship online, please click one of the following options:

Philo4Thought Executive Board thanks you for your interest and generosity.

Ευχαριστώ πάρα πολύ!

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